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Know what to expect!

Serious drivers will read before applying online.


Premier drivers LOVE to drive, and they are treated well. Premier Express is highly selective in whom we choose to work with.  If we staff the best drivers, then we offer a better program to our customers. Our success is your success. Since 1997, our first year in business, we have not lost a single customer due to a service failure. This keeps our work levels consistent, and keeps our drivers busy and earning a more consistent income.


Although this is a contract position, we still boast an unusually low turnover rate in this industry.  80% of our drivers have more than two year's experience with us. Our customers know that our commitment to them is unmatched by any competitor.   We bend over backwards for our customers, and do things that our competitors will not do. You must be able to demonstrate a sincere motivation to be one of our best drivers during your interview.


A Premier Express driver is a team-player.  Every day is a little different than the day before.  People that like some variety in their jobs will love working with us, rather than the same, old routine.  This means our drivers are flexible.  They learn the nature of the courier business and are willing to "roll with the changes".  We are sharper - smarter than a typical courier.  We are go-getters.  We dispatch immediately when called for a job.  We report any delays and all things out of the ordinary. We are quicker. We pay close attention-to-detail.


Drivers work from their homes.  They do not have to report to our Windsor location each day.  Because they are independent contractors, they are free to stay home and call in when they are ready to go.  Their vehicles are already fueled-up.  One day a driver may do many local jobs within the state, but the next may end up bringing a package to JFK airport in New York, a large box to Burlington, VT, or an envelope to Boston, MA.  Whatever the job calls for, they are willing to go.


They understand that traffic delays and snow are part of the business. Flexibility is part of a good attitude. If you make the grade:


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